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Mountains of Fire, Stunning natural beauty, unique works of art, unforgettable cuisine

Like some starry constellation, the seven Aeolian Islands north of Sicily offer heaven on earth for your honeymoon

Varying in character from the bold and untamed Islands of Filicudi and Alicudi to the more gentle and softer islands of Lipari and Panarea and forgetting not the stunning beautiful Salina leading finally to the amazing Volcanic island of Stromboli

Eruptions of the more recent millennia have added their own piquant of mystery, so that ancient streams of molten magma once forced to ooze from the inner earth became extruded, cooling and hardening into shiny beautifuf black obsidian; a mineral which can be as sharp as a razor and is often used for its sleek attractive properties. Quite simply a must see are the active volcanic Islands of Stromboli and Volcano both magnificent and voluptuous each will provide breathtaking experiences that are out of this world

Greek mythology assigned these Island outcrops to the god Aeolus and legend suggest that Odysseus who sought shelter here during his travels. The tale told is that Odysseus liberated the three imprisoned Cyclops, sons of the gods of the sky and earth. Ancient myths and unrestrained imaginative spirit plus the mists of time have given the Aeolian Islands a glorious synonymy of play and pleasure

The Islands have a scant population that at certain times of year is almost isolated from the rest of the world. Originally reliant on fishing and the farming of vines and capers. The Islands have now generated a tourist base which has become increasingly sought after. Almost certainly the popularity of the Aeolian Islands lies with their natural beauty, the crystal clear warm blue sea, fringed with rocky reefs where natural pools are rich with a huge variety of aquatic flora and fauna. The striking colours of sponges and shell-fish as well as countless species of fish have made it a paradise for bathers, snorkelers amd divers

A honeymoon in the Aeolian Islands is a journey into paradise, which whilst becoming the reality for only those who are privileged and fortunate, will forever remain as a coveted desire and dream for many, many others