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The seven Aeolian Islands are situated off the north-eastern coast of Sicily. They vary in character from being rough and untamed like the islands of Filicudi and Alicudi to the calm spectacular islands of Lipari and Panarea. The introverted and stunning island of Salina is a must see before moving on to the active volcanic islands of Stromboli and Volcano.

The Greek mythology assigns the islands to Aeolus, and suggests that Odysseus temporarily sheltered there during his travels. There he would meet Cyclops. The history itself of these islands is lost in the mist of time, when tectonic plates moved to create a great gorge in the Tyrrhenian Sea thereby releasing a mass of molten magma that hardened into a great volcanic outcrop. According to most recent theories, this happened during the Pleistocene era, just under a million years ago

The earliest islands to be formed were Panarea, Filicudi and Alicudi. The youngest are those which continue to be active today, Vulcano and Stromboli. Eruptions have continued over the millennia resulting in a variety of phenomena. One phenomenon are streams of black obsidian, a glassy and friable material with edges so sharp it was used by ancient people to make razor-like cutting tools.

The scanty population of the islands, that in certain periods is almost isolated from the rest of the world, mostly subsists on fishing, farming (especially vines and harvesting of capers), quarrying pumice (as on Lipari, although this is a dying trade), and most particularly, albeit for a short season, on tourism.

The sea is clear and warm, its colour ranging from cobalt blue to crystal near the shore; the rocky shoreline nurtures a rich variety of aquatic flora and fauna: sea anemones, sponges, shell-fish, seaweed, crustaceans and molluscs as well as countless species of fish, making it a paradise for bathers, snorkelers, divers and spear-gun-fishing enthusiasts alike.

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Capofaro Resort | Salina

Northwest of Lipari lies the garden island Salina so named because of the salt lake at Lingua.

The green hills are covered with a cornucopia of Mediterranean flora from its cliffs to the clear blue sea. On this verdant island Malvasia grapes can be grown and are used to make the local wine. The island is best known for Michael Raphael's box office movie hit Il Postino.

Hotel Signum | Salina

Offering a relaxed atmosphere and 1st class service HotelSignum is constructed from antique cottages on the island of Salina. It features panoramic Tyrrhenian-Sea views with a Sicilian restaurant

Signum rooms are decorated in a traditional Aeolian style with iron beds plus whitewashed walls and air conditioning. Some rooms feature views of the sea and Panarea Island

Therasia Resort | Vulcano

Vulcano believed by the Romans to be the chimney of Vulcan's workshop

For an unforgettable trek across a Martian landscape, ascend to the top of the Della Fossa cone, winding through a yellow mist of sulphur rising from active fumaroles emerging to experience the fabulous sight of the islands Panarea and Stromboli. A visit to the active Gran Cratere is must

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