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Honeymoon Sicily | Aeolian Islands | Hotel Signum

In 1988, husband and wife owners Clara Rametta and Michele Caruso had a dream of creating a luxury hotel in the village in which they were born. A task that was not so easy because the village had problems with having a hotel in the middle of their small hamlet.

So, they were shut down -- given a seal or “sigillo.” The Latin derivation of “sigillo” is “signum”.

On the island, there are many types of flowering plants. So we have honoured that by naming our rooms after each of the plants. Such as Acanto, Malva, Cappero, Ginestra. Each room is as unique as each of these beautiful flowers.

The Hotel Signum Spa offers a constant dreamy ambiance it’s a place where the body becomes renewed again. The skin shines and the soul smiles. The fine harmony of the environment and the ingredients of the treatments include the finest of natural- therapy techniques. The structure of the spa centre follows the lines of old Aeolian thermal baths believed to be the most ancient in Europe. Steam baths take place inside a “Thermal Stove” inspired by theone of Saint Calogero in Lipari, built over 3500 years ago. Some treatments happen on a bed of thermal rose salt others in a nineteenth century copper tub..

Our philosophy is to give you, the guest, the most relaxing and enjoyable stay. We feel our home is your home. You are welcomed into a worry-free environment, where every detail is taken care of by our family and superb staff. We want you to feel the magic that we feel every day living on the island of Salina.

Aeolian Islands | Hotel Signum

An Island Dream

All of our rooms are filled with antiques incorporating the modern comforts and conveniences of a four-star hotel. Some have terraces; some have balconies.

All the rooms have a beautiful view of either the garden or the sea. We have three tiers of rooms: Classic, Superior, and Deluxe. So there is a room to fit everyone`s taste and wallet.

Thermal Bath Stove

The Hotels brand new Salus per Aquam Spa in the beautiful wellness facility has been inspired by that of the traditional Aeolian thermal bath as have many of the treatments.

Such as the steam bath to be taken in the "Thermal Stove", a reproduction of the 3500 year old stove found in the ancient Roman baths of San Calogero in Lipari

Homemade Pasta

Chef Michele Caruso's most amazing Aeolian culinary traditional dishes as well as his own creations using fresh homemade pasta, local fish, and seasonal vegetables but never abandoning his philosophy of light Mediterranean fare

Served `al fresco` on the terrace overlooking the sea or in the solarium style veranda both filled with the warmth of good service and good people

Hotel Signum


Via Scalo, 15 - 98050 Malfa
Salina - Isole Eolie (Me) – Italy

General Services

  • Panoramic Restaurant
  • Spa Salus per Aquam
  • Swimming pool
  • Internet
  • library
  • Solarium
  • Air Conditioning
  • Mini bar

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