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Le Magnolie hotel is the first Boutique hotel in Modica the capital of southeast Sicily

This small palazzo dating from 1700 is set in the heart of the city’s historical centre. It has seven comfortable rooms where guest can experience “The true Sicily”. The warm reception and their love for tasting the wine from their antique cellar to admiring wonderful “halved pomegranates” on the roof-terrace with its a magnificent view of lower and upper Modica will delight you

Le Magnolie hotel is a one small antique palazzo full of charm transformed into a hotel. Perfect for guests and for anyone, who want to lose themself in the lively heart antique Modica a town rich of art and history.

The elegant furniture and the use of the best local materials plus a variety of modern conveniences create one exclusive boutique hotel. Its new design plus new technologies all blend into the ancient architecture which was needed due to the position of Le Magnolie in the center of the Modica amongst stunning architecture, narrow alleyways and aristocratic palazzo’s

Modica | Hotel La Magnolie

Aristocratic decor

The rooms on the “aristocratic” floor were personalized by polished fresco made by artists local to our region

The rooms are named after inspired flowers and plants belonging to Modica. Every room has a balcony or small terrace which looks out onto Campailla the street running parallel to the famous Corso Umberto

Modica Chocolate

The Sicilian town of Modica is a paradise for chocolate lovers.

There is chocolate ice cream, chocolate granita, chocolate cannolo, chocolate liqueur, hot chocolate and even a mincemeat and chocolate pastry called mpanatigghi that tastes far better than it sounds for such an odd combination. What makes these confections so good and unusual is the chocolate used which is only made in Modica

Cathedral of San Giorgio

The stately Cathedral of San Giorgio is one of the most important and impressing religious monuments in all Sicily

Its origin is partly unknown. According to historian Carrafa, the original structure of the church dated from the early Middle ages and was destroyed by the Arabians in 845. In the beginning of the 12th century it was rebuilt and dedicated to Saint George by Roger The Norman.

Hotel La Magnolie


Via Campailla, 25
Modica (RG) - 97015

Modica Chocolate

General Services

  • Telephone
  • Hairdryer
  • Mini bar
  • Safety deposit box
  • Satellite TV
  • Air conditioning system
  • Free high speed ADSL internet

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