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Honeymoon Sicily | Palermo

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Situated overlooking the azure of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Palermo the Capital of Sicily is exciting, serene, rugged and sophisticated. Palermo is as special as it is unique

From four magnificently sculptured Baroque facades – Quattro Conti - a wealth of historical sites extend throughout the city bequeathing it a true grandness and importance coupled with the authenticating hallmarks of a modern vibrant metropolis. Palermo is both inspirational and ambient

Having existed for almost three millennia Palermo has been indulged with variety. As a location where the mysteries of eastern culture are joined with the curiosities of the west, where the great traditions of Europe are blended with the disparate customs of North Africa. It is then and only then you come to release how Palermo has embraced change so that now it parades a rich, exuberant cosmopolitan identity

In contrast the city outskirts adorn a spiritual calm, where ancient Greek and Roman remains lie amongst the tranquillity of the natural landscape and where citrus perfumes from golden orchards enhance the overall sensuality

As host to countless piazzas, palaces, castles, and contemporary venues, Palermo affords a plethora of choice in cuisine, wines, confectionary and entertainment thus engendering a memorable fantasy of experiences

A honeymoon in Palermo will provide with certainty the best of all worlds