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Butera 28 apartments are located in Palermo in an 18th century palazzo overlooking the seafront in the Kalsa quarter, the heart of historic Palermo the leading city of Sicily

The palazzo was built atop the 16th century Spanish city walls between the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century

In 1849 it became the property of Giulio Fabrizio Tomasi di Lampedusa, the Prince astronomer who would become the model for the main character in the world-famous novel “The Leopard “ written by Giuseppe Thomasi di Lampedusa the Prince's great-grandson. The palazzo was the author's last home until his death in 1957 and is now the home of his adoptive son who has lovingly restored it to its former splendour

The palazzo faces the wonderful bay of Palermo and is within walking distance of the most important artistic and tourist attractions. It is also close to the celebrated churches, museums, theatres and colourful market places that makes Palermo the adventure of Sicily

Behind the palazzo, the city stretches to the famous Conca d'Oro surrounded by imposing mountains, with its gardens, orange groves and sub-tropical vegetation all bathed in brilliant sunshine

In each of the beautiful apartments guests will find maps and guide books and useful information about where to eat and shop in Palermo plus information on the leading restaurants and trattorias that make the city a wonder to visit

Palermo | Butera 28

Aristocratic Palazzo

Apartments vary in size from a petite 35 square metres to a massive 180 square metres The size of three smallish Italian city flats

All apartments have kitchens with cooking facilities and washing machines. True to the palazzo’s aristocratic Sicilian lineage most bathrooms have bathtubs rather than shower cubicles. Sicilian nobles were suckers for our English ways.

Food and Wine

The apartments are rented out on a self-catering basis and come stocked with a range of basic supplies from milk to olive oil

So it’s up to you whether you eat in after a shopping exhibition in the colorful Vucciria market which is just a few blocks away full of local produce. Palermo has incredible local seafood and wines which can be found in the many restaurants and trattorias near Butera 28

Kalsa quarter

This is Palermo’s Arabic quarter built close to the sea in order to allow the Emir to escape in the event of revolt.

In ancient times it was home to the Arabs when they ruled the city. It was named “al-halisah” that means “the elected one” in Arabic. Today it is a working-class area of the city, extremely picturesque, where it is still possible to capture a feel of the ancient Arabic and Sicilian culture

Butera 28 Apartments


Via Butera 28,
90133 Palermo
T +39 333 3165432
F +39 091 6100210

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