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Siracusa has emanated prestige for almost three thousand years.

Ancient Greeks developed the city so that its status was unrivalled within their Empire. This extravagant transformation rendered Siracusa a coveted centre and Mediterranean treasure

A majestic city, its importance and grandeur continued through the Roman Empire, Mediaeval and Baroque periods. Siracusa’s vast array of superb archaeological structures provide a spectacular visible legacy, spanning almost thirty centuries and thus render it a location which has become associated with inherent romantic charm.

Siracusa nestles between the rugged foothills of the Iblei Mountains and the breath-taking Ionian coastline to complete its rich sensuality and true perfection. Caressed by shimmering Mediterranean sunlight, Siracusa is totally exquisite

Intriguing secret worlds unfold amongst streets and alleyways so that Siracusa exudes enchantment. The Ancient legends of gods and goddesses, temples and amphitheatres, catacombs and mediaeval castles together with the indulgences of Baroque Europeans have become the insignia of this spectacular city.

Incorporating Ortegia- a delightful island linked by the Ponte Nuovo Bridge leading to a reputable retail sector with excellent shopping. Additionally there is a fine restaurant and café culture for enjoying creative Sicilian cuisine, especially the local sea-food and local wines which are of unmitigated excellence,

The island of Ortigia is slightly larger than a square kilometer, however concentrated within it is an extraordinary density of monuments of historic and artistic importance. A less-than-superficial visit of Syracuse requires at least three days, one of which must be dedicated solely to Ortigia, while another can be reserved for the archeological treasures of the mainland.

Some of this time can be dedicated to simply strolling through the streets lined with baroque buildings that compete for attention by exhibiting extraordinary balconies, one different from the next and one more whimsical and bizarre than the others.The recommended route is Via Vittorio Veneto, lined with Baroque buildings, mostly restored, and even some surviving gothic and renaissance buildings

After a bit, the street crosses the “Strada Nobile” (“Noble Street”) of Syracuse, lined with even bigger and more grand baroque buildings.

Heading to the right one reaches Piazza Archimede, and along a street that passes in front of Santa Maria della Concezione, one arrives at last at the extraordinary Piazza del Duomo, from which it is possible to proceed from the city center in any direction. A recommended detour is the ancient Jewish quarter, the Giudecca.

A different itinerary is possible along its edges,indulging in a relaxing stroll along the seaside, which is filled with interesting tourist attractions and ancient historic monuments.

Home | Siracusa | Siracusa Hotels