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Siracusa has emanated prestige for almost three thousand years

Ancient Greeks developed the city so that its status was unrivalled within their empire This extravagant transformation rendered Siracusa a coveted centre and Mediterranean treasure. A majestic city who's importance and grandeur continued through the Roman Empire and Baroque periods

Siracusa’s vast array of superb archaeological structures provide a spectacular visible legacy spanning almost thirty centuries and thus render it a location which has become associated with inherent romantic charm

Siracusa nestles between the rugged foothills of the Iblei Mountains and the breath-taking Ionian Coastline to complete its rich sensuality and true perfection it's caressed by the shimmering Mediterranean Sea making Siracusa totally exquisite

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Hotel Algila

The secret world of Siracusa

If it is your wish to discover a town of Mediaeval and Baroque magical atmosphere then the Island of Ortigia and the stunning Algila Hotel is an outstanding location for a romantic honeymoon... Even if it is just for one night you will be amazed as the hotel sits in one of the most picturesque locations of Sicily.

Hotel Cavalieri

Siracusa prestige for almost three thousand years

Hotel Cavalieri close to the bridge leading to the Islet of Ortigia the historic heart of the city and founded by the ancient Greeks. Siracusa is one of Sicily's most fascinating cities having been inhabited by the ancient Greeks, Arabs, Normans and the Spanish.

Hotel Minareto

An idyllic spot in the warm Mediterranean Sea

The Grand Hotel Minareto's sandy beach lies in a secluded bay sheltered by rocks and can only be accessed directly from the hotel. Another favourite place in which to relax during the hottest hours of the day is the resort's swimming pool located right next to the Sicily Bar, famous for its delicious crushed iced drinks.