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Honeymoon Sicily | Taormina

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As you travel along the motorway or the small rugged coast road towards Taormina Mount Etna with its snowy top smouldering away continuously reveals itself as Europe’s highest volcano while one the most beautiful towns in Sicily with its buildings engraved into the side of a small mountain awaits you.

If it is your first visit to Taormina you will be mesmerised by its rural beauty and the winding road that leads you to the centre of this ancient Greek Roman town. Even if you arrive in the midday heat the atmosphere and simplicity of a town that throbs with energy manages to relieve you with a certain calmness.

Goethe summed up this magical island perfectly by declaring "To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is to not have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything"

As you wander along Corso Umberto (the main pedestrian street) of medieval Taormina walking from one ancient archway Porto Catania to another ancient archway Porto Messina its then you realise you have entered a world and a place of something special something magical.

Taking advantage of its pedestrian only status people from all over the world come to walk it, come to talk, come to watch and most importantly come to be seen. Mingling with the rich and famous is not compulsory but can be sometimes unavoidable, having a beer or two with Rod Stewart or Al Pacino is not a myth – It’s just the Sicilian way of life.

Glamorous travellers kitted out to impress with everlasting perfumes that fill the warm night air often meet at the Piazza Aprile IX where newlyweds mingle and pose for all to enjoy while musicians serenade on the steps of Sant’ Augostino, a small gothic church built in 1448.

Piazza Aprile IX is where Tennessee Williams wrote over coffee and Elizabeth Taylor anticipated the arrival of Richard Burton...It’s here where most of us just take in the splendour of Mount Etna and the beach resort of Giardini-Naxos from Taormina’s stunning grand terrazzo.

Piazza Duomo attracts a different crowd. They sit around the piazza's Baroque Fountain talking passionately and relentlessly, only pausing to take a photo or strike a youthful pose. The impressive Church of San Nicola dominates the square and once again a great choice of restaurants and bars within the vicinity are offered.

Corso Umberto is the town’s heart, it beats relentlessly. The chic and often expensive boutiques that line the street gesture you to part with hundreds of your hard earned euros. Like veins, small alleys leave the Corso downwards and upwards, each presenting a copiousness amount of choice and diversity of eateries, stylish bars and cafes.

As you reach the end of the Corso Umberto at Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, to the right of the piazza is Via Teatro Greco with its abundance of souvenir shops and Sicilian crafts. Walk this short boulevard and the gem that is the Greco Romana Theatre awaits you.

Be prepared to be astonished by its greatness and its views of the sprawling Ionian coastline The theatre is best visited when the sun is at its lowest as it can be stifling in the midday sun. Or treat yourself to one of the many concerts held in the amphitheatre in the cooler evenings. But no matter what way you intend to spend your evenings, you will never tire of your passages along Corso Umberto.

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