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Honeymoon Sicily | Cefalu

The sparkling Tyrrranian Sea with fine white sands of beautiful beaches and shimmering limestone outcrops embody a natural lustre in Cefalu; a precious gem of Sicily, with a rare brilliance. A honeymoon in Cefalu promises to be exquisite

High above this captivating town, on the summit of the domineering La Rocca promontory, the ancient Greek Temple of Artemis remains a tribute not only to the goddess herself but also to the surrounding beauty of this stunningly picturesque location. In the evenings, the mountain is illuminated, evoking a truly romantic atmosphere and heavenly sensation

In the older parts of the town, a filigree of narrow winding streets present boutiques, restaurants and cafes with ornately decorative architecture that reflects a rich varied heritage. The Corso Ruggero displays the breathtaking dominance of the spectacular Duomo de Cefalu, a majestic Medieval Cathedral in Cefalu’s main Piazza. Within the interior, spectacular wall mosaics are some of the best of twelfth century Byzantine art

Cefalu is a lively town, beset with nostalgia yet also offering contemporary fun-filled experiences such as the highly-rated Acqua Verde amusement park or a hydrofoil to the fanciful Aeolian Islands

Thus both curious and creative, Cefalu is avowed to excite, delight and satisfy