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Ragusa is interesting for both its artistic and historical heritage. Set on a wide limestone hill between two deep valleys (the Cava San Leonardo and the Cava Santa Domenica) it is divided into two distinct areas

Ragusa Ibla (the lower side) and Ragusa (the upper side) separated by the so-called valle dei ponti (valley of the bridges). A deep valley that is crossed by four successive bridges among which one of the bridges is known as dei cappuccini of the (Capuchins) dating from the 18th century and is especially renowned across Sicily

After the 1693’s earthquake the residents settled on the site known as Ibla - Today its medieval layout and lovely baroque architecture is a most attractive historical centre and a major visiting area for many tourists. Ragusa Ibla was founded on the site of the town of ancient Sikel (Hybla Herea) of which remains have been identified as the rectangular burial niches of the Gonfalone valley

When visiting Ragusa one should start with the Basilica of San Giorgio an impressive specimen of Sicilian baroque. The church was erected in 1775 by Rosario Gagliardi a well-known architect from Siracusa. The church offers an elegant facade and inside a beautiful decorated mirror representing the Martyrdom of San Giorgio by the painter Vito D’Amore adorns the nave

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Hotel La Moresca

La Moresca is a very chic small boutique hotel in the centre of Marina di Ragusa, Sicily. This chic retreat is minutes from the sea and Ragusa's famous beaches and 20 minutes from the recognised Ragusa, Modica and Scicli.

The maison itself is nearly a century old and is a good example of Sicilian art nouveau of the early 1900s.Guido Schembari, the most recent heir to this stunning building has thoughtfully restored it

Hotel Eremo della Giubiliana

The ancient refectory of the Knights of the Order of San Giovanni is furnished with antiques, 17th century paintings, and rare maps of Sicily

The Eremo della Giubiliana is a period residence featuring magnificent halls, peaceful courtyards, shady porticoes and a tower which dominates the whole of the estate tall enough to be easily identified from the sea