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Hotel El Jebel

It's all about comfort and this charming hotel has it all for you luxurious and elegant. Incomparable bedrooms with the softest of pillows and smoothest of sheets

Nothing disappoints the interior is as calm, sophisticated and unobtrusively romantic as you could wish for, a pampering treat. Service, but not "too much" service ... to Hotel El Jebel service is if you need something done for you

Hotel Villa Angela

Where the guests are the “rock stars“

The hotel view over Taormina looks like a Picasso painting. Further out, Mount Etna with its herculean presence is to the town what Mount Fuji is to Tokyo just so beautiful and so peaceful. Villa Angela’s commitment to customer satisfaction borders on the supernatural

Hotel Metropole

A Five star talk of the town

The Metropole Hotel in the ancient heart of Taormina, overhanging the Ionian Sea – A historical hotel built originally in the XVII century. After more than 40 years of silence the Metropole opens his doors to his guests with its new magnificent contemporary design and classical elegance. With its wonderful suites this five stars luxury hotel is the talk of the town

The Hotel Ashbee

The luxury Ashbee Hotel is located in a peaceful 20th century Sicilian Villa which belonged to Colonel Shaw-Hellier who commissioned the famous Architect Charles Robert Ashbee to construct the Villa

An English designer and prominent representative of the Arts Ashbee established and constructed the building in an elegant park where Sicilian fruits grow providing a truly special place

Hotel Villa Sonia

A window over the Mediterranean, a balcony overlooking Etna, a unique panorama of the most evocative Taormina

Under the rock of Castelmola an historic Villa residence is today a luxury hotel with its transformation being carried out to the finest of detail. An interior design which blends well with its surroundings while overlooking the garden of the magnificent Mount Etna